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Kerianne Mellott

Marketing Coach & Social Media Expert


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  • Paperback version, audio recording and digital download of my upcoming book “Learn To Go Live” ($89.85 value)

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$29.95 plus shipping

Meet Kerianne Mellott

I help entrepreneurs learn how to go Live by conquering their fears so they can reach through the lens and pick up money on the table.


If you’re tired of hearing everyone tell you that you need to “go Live” for your business but just don’t know HOW to get started or WHAT to do to make people actually watch you, then you’ve come to the right place.  


As a former Social Media Marketing Director for eHarmony and a Marketing Coach for women entrepreneurs, I have over 14 years experience using social media for business goals and found that live streaming is a total gamechanger.  Nothing works better. What I’ve learned will literally blow your mind when I share it all with you in my upcoming book, “Learn to Go Live.”


Was I scared and unsure about what I was doing when I started getting on camera? Absolutely! But inside the pages of my upcoming book, you’ll read just what I did to figure out the keys to success.  I’ll share my 4-step S.T.A.R. Strategy to help you look like a pro in no time and not only get, but KEEP people’s precious attention by going Live.

It’s a breeze and a FUN thing for me to do now and has been for years.  I teach my clients the same tricks and they can’t WAIT to get on camera again, even right after they finish a Live broadcast.

I KNOW you’re gonna love what you read - you are dope and amazing and deserve ALL of the same success!

SO...are you ready to kick off 2019 in the biggest way possible? Are you ready to say “YES!” to your business growing and expanding in the coolest of ways? (you’re gonna love my no-stress approach and find confidence inside of you that you never knew you had...)

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